About Us

Institute for Bilingual Research

Institute for Bilingual Research (IBR) is a supportive, nurturing environment nestled in the tranquil Manhasset on Long Island, New York. IBR offers a productive and loving environment aiming to provide children and adults with the resources to learn, evolve, socialize and succeed as bilingual individuals.

Our Mission

IBR encourages and inspires individuals to enhance their learning skills, and provides them with a path to self-discovery. Institute for Bilingual Research is committed to uniting the community and providing professional services for the bilinguals of all ages and backgrounds.

Our Legacy

IBR was formed in 2012, inheriting the 5-year legacy of the Sunflower Educational Center. With diverse initiatives and humanitarian philosophy, Institute for Bilingual Research opens talents and provides resources for children and adults to explore various cultural activities.


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We’re offering exciting opportunities for those interested to work on educational and cultural projects.


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